WordPressに写真をアップロードするときに、自動的にジオタグ等のExif情報を削除するプラグイン”EXXX Image Optimizer”をインストールします。

1. 管理画面からプラグイン”EXXX Image Optimizer“をインストール

2. ”設定” -> “EWWW Image Optimizer”で設定画面へ

3. Basic Setting タブで、

  • Remove metadataに✓
  • Lossy JPG optimizationに✓
  • Lossy PNG optimizationに✓

4. Conversion Settingタブで、

  • Delete originalsに✓


  • アップロードするファイルから自動的にExifが取れる
  • 画像が最適化されて、更にファイルサイズが小さくなる



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  1. Eric Josephs

    Hello there ,
    I’m sorry I don’t speak Japanese (thanks Google Translate), but I think the following is relevant.
    I wanted to thank you for telling me about this WordPress plug-in to compress my pictures here: blue-black.ink/?p=367
    But then I discovered that adding plug-ins to my site itself causes the site speed to go down, which kinda ruins the purpose. So that is why I decided to look around for a free online tool.
    After some exploring, I wanted to suggest it as an alternative to the plug in.
    This is a free online tool that allows you to compress pictures that are up to 50 MB in size both in jpeg and in png format! So maybe sharing it with your users can help them too.
    In hope I helped back.


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